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Navigating the CARES Act, hosted by VillageMD - Shared screen with speaker view
Dana Velmetti
Welcome, everyone! We will get started shortly. Please feel free to enter your questions in the chat function labeled Q&A and we will address them. Thank you for joining!
Dana Velmetti
Good morning, Else!
Wendy Rubas
Dana Velmetti
Thank you for the question! Going forward, if you could type them in the other chat box labeled "Q&A" it will help Wendy. Thanks!
Dana Velmetti
If we do not get to your question, rest assured we do have a record of all questions submitted here or in the Q&A function. We will follow up with a document outlining answers as well as share these slides. Thank you for all of the participation!
Dana Velmetti
Hi Sue, we will send a copy of the slides to all participants later today or tomorrow!